West Hollywood Area

West Hollywood is one of the most glamorous and exciting places in California, so the next time you visit, make sure that your ride is as glamorous and exciting as your destination. Nothing beats the excitement of cruising down the legendary Sunset Strip with the top down or enjoying your music through one of our premium luxury sound systems as you explore the West Hollywood Design District. We offer a very wide selection of cars that you can rent in West Hollywood, most of which are outfitted with the latest and greatest advancements, innovations, and conveniences. Enjoy the most powerful engines, the quickest accelerations, and the most comfortable interiors on the market, or take it down a notch with one of our incredibly affordable standard sedans. We have a perfect fit for every budget and taste, so if you need to rent a car in West Hollywood, don't miss your chance to rent the car of your dreams from Starr Auto Rentals.

TEL: (310) 733-6201
ADDRESS: 8964 National Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034 USA